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Vegan counsellor supporting your well-being, growth & journey to happiness

A professional, empathetic & caring counselling service for vegans in the UK with Chrissy Leyland, vegan counsellor

Are you looking for an online vegan counsellor?

Would you like to make positive changes in your life?

Would you feel more comfortable talking to someone who shares your ethics?

Chrissy Leyland, the vegan counsellor

I am a qualified counsellor registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). In addition, I am a long term, ethical vegan.

So you’re vegan and seeking help from a counsellor. Perhaps, for example, you have suffered a bereavement. Or maybe you want to improve your self esteem. You might wonder how important it is to find a counsellor who is also vegan.

By all means, you can find support from a non vegan counsellor. But veganism is more than just a diet. Your ethics influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. In ways which many non vegans find hard to understand.

Knowing that I “get it” with regard to veganism creates a comfortable and safe environment. Here, your feelings will be understood and validated. You can share your story without fear of judgement.

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I work virtually, on Google Meet Platform. So I can work with clients anywhere in the UK

Chrissy Leyland, Vegan counsellor

Being vegan in a non vegan world

Living a vegan lifestyle brings many psychological benefits. Reducing harm to animals can be uplifting and inspiring. Every time we eat we are living our values. The cognitive dissonance (where our feelings and values don’t align with our behaviour) we experienced through eating animals melts away. Ditching unhealthy animal products can also bring health benefits.

But by becoming vegan you are questioning the world around you. Your eyes are open to the suffering of billions of farm animals. Furthermore, you’re aware of the devastating impact of animal farming on the planet. This awareness can cause tensions in relationships with non vegans. It can also lead to feelings of isolation. You may wonder why others don’t share your ethics. I can relate to the social pressures and scrutiny you may face and help you work through:

Vegetables in the shape of a heart to accompany text about the services of vegan counsellor

“Vystopia” (Feelings of anguish, overwhelm or anger about animal suffering)

Climate anxiety about the future of the planet

Struggles in relationships with non-vegans

Issues with vegan parenting

Burnout from activism or animal rescue

How can working with a vegan counsellor help?

During the counselling sessions, we can explore these concerns and any past patterns which may be blocking you. Counselling can help you develop more meaningful connections with yourself and others. I can show you techniques to deal with overwhelm and help you to discover your strengths to thrive as a vegan in a non vegan world. Therefore, moving from despair to active hope.

Whether your concerns relate to veganism, or not, I am here to help. I have experience and training in working with a wide range of issues.

Starting counselling can seem daunting but reaching out for help is the first step in healing. I would love to support you on this journey, so please reach out with any questions you might have.

If you would like to find out more, take a look at my services and fees.

How to get started

Contact me for further information or book a free introductory session.